Welcome to Sneaky Pete’s!

Sneaky Pete’s is a new company with products featuring comic and tattoo style designs with positive ideas and fun and sexy qualities.

Sara Potter

Hi! My name is Sara, also known as RockabillyWoman (pictured). I recently graduated from a fashion and textiles course with flying colours. For the second and final year of the course we had to choose a theme and create a project and final collection for the exam, I chose the 50s and ended up creating a collection of 50s evening wear, I also did an extra course in photography and for the second year of that chose to do pinups; however whilst doing all of these 40/50s research I fell in love with the style. I knew I loved the classic 50s movies, but had never really looked closely at the time. I immediately fell in love with the whole era; including the cars, music, dress, hairstyles and especially the cute vintage pinups, these have therefore worked their way onto my products. I love how the women made an effort with their appearance and were very feminine. I have tried to portray this mood onto some of the designs. I also love the modern twist such as rockabilly, phsycobilly, cheesecake and all those other 50s inspired looks. However a lot of these styles have great images but can have some very depressing or negative quotes and writing on them, I however am a very positive person and have designed my graphics to make people smile, think or spread some positive vibes.

All designs are drawn by hand!

So have a good look through the site and hope you find something you like!

Don’t forget to check out our Model for us page, where you can send in a picture of you wearing one of my garments, you just might make it onto the website for all to see!

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Much Love xx